GMAT Preparation Tricks To Make You A Master

Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly known as GMAT is your first step if you are looking to undergo an MBA in any North American Continents or European English based Graduate Schools. The GMAT exam tests the ability of the student on graduate level reading, writing and Mathematics. Since this is a test that will give you an entry into many of the premium business schools in the world, GMAT is very competitive and often considered a tough nut to crack.

Why Is GMAT Considered A Tough Nut to Crack?

GMAT is your only way to enter into some of the top business schools in the world, and this makes it look like an uphill task. If you consider and tackle one step at a time rather than consider the test to be a big mountain in front of you, any exam could be a cake walk. Every exam is as easy and as difficult as perceived by the student. The actual determining factor is how well you are prepared for it.

Take GMAT as a Challenge

GMAT is for sure challenging. It is a hard nut to crack, but it's not impossible. If you are keen to take on an MBA and get into the world of business studies, then your dedication and skills should be tested to match those in the industry. GMAT evaluates your preparedness for the business world. So take GMAT as a challenge and work harder to cross the hurdle. Once you cross it, then you would be on your way to success in the world of management and business.

One of the main reasons for conducting a competitive exam is to make sure that business schools only get the cream layer of talented individuals who are later honed to become the best business icons in the industry. GMAT is quite challenging and requires you to put in a lot of effort, experience the pressures and feel stretched as well. If you are one of those who does not like to take risks, then you may not be capable of handling the corporate pressures of the business world.

Physical & Mental Demands

Taking the GMAT test is a hard task on its own. The testing centre that conducts the GMAT exam would be your home during the four hours that you need to complete the exam fully. These will be the most difficult and challenging hours for you. To be able to concentrate and give your whole focus to the GMAT during these four hours will require you to be in a good physical shape with proper rest for the mind and a well-nourished body.

You would need to have a good 8-hour sleep to give enough rest for your brain to be up to its potential on the day of the exam. Psychologists who deal with stressed students often state the loss of sleep as a primary reason for the condition. In addition to proper sleep, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy snacks and simple exercises would help in keeping the body and mind active.

If you are not listening to your body and taking good care of it, whatever be your preparedness for the exam, on the D day you are bound to mess it up. GMAT is a tough exam and needs you to be one hundred percent fit during the time of preparation and the date of the exam. So take good care of your physical self while you train your mind to be at its best on the exam day.

Getting A Good GMAT Score – Is it Difficult?

One question that often lingers in the mind of many students is that ‘Can I get a good score in GMAT?' If you are also one of those, then you are sure to find answers here.

Anyone can write GMAT without preparation and end up with an appalling score. It is just another exam if you don't care much about the results, just walk in do what you know is an easy job for any Tom, Dick and Harry. If you truly care about your results which can either make or break your career in the business and management industry, then you need to be clear about what and how you prepare for GMAT.

Some Statistics That Will Help You

Out of the thousands of students who take the GMAT exam every year, only twenty-three percent of them manage to get a score of 650 or more. Even in this number, only eleven percent of the students manage to cross the magical number of 700. Most students eye the 700 mark when they set out to prepare for GMAT as it is generally considered to be a good score. The average score for GMAT is about five hundred and fifty-two. This is the mean score that has been calculated based on all the students who have taken the test.

If you are one of the high scorers in the school level with an average of 99% then getting a score of seven hundred and above would not be a difficult task for you. Many official charts will help you to gauge your GMAT score with reference to other competitive exams that you have taken earlier, even though this is not any proof of how much you will get on the day of the exam. The GMAT diagnostic tests could give you a close approximation of the score that you can expect in the main exam. Preparing properly and giving your best on the day of GMAT is what will count at the end of it all.

How to Improve Your GMAT Score

Follow these simple yet effective steps to improve your GMAT score.

  • The first thing that you need to do when we talk about GMAT score is to fix up a target. Aim for the Sun so that you can end up at least with the Stars. Your target should be to get the maximum marks possible in any exam. The same applies for GMAT as well.
  • Once you fix up your target score, the next step is to estimate your performance. You need to start taking the GMAT mock tests to get an idea of what is the score that you could get for the knowledge that you possess.
  • Use all the GMAT resources that you have in hand and push yourself towards excelling in the exam. Improve your performances and stretch yourself to the max. The amount of improvement in your scores is dependent on how disciplined you are when it comes to focusing on your study materials, mock tests and the overall preparation.
  • If you dream of a spectacular performance, you have to prepare for the extraordinary else you will end up only with mediocre GMAT scores.

Always remember that only outstanding action can give you the desired results. If you put the required efforts, then no star is hard to reach.

Is GMAT Hard or Not?

‘Hard' is a work that is deceptive. For a small child, lifting a heavy stone may seem to be a difficult task whereas he or she can easily stand up on stage and address a gathering of a few hundred people with ease. For an adult, lifting the stone might be an easy step but addressing an audience might be a hard task. So the term ‘hard' or ‘difficult' is subjective. If you aim to manage a team of hundred people and deem to make valuable decisions in the business world, then GMAT is your first step to success, and it may not seem as hard as it sounds. If you are more of a worker than a manager and prefer to opt for stress and pressure free life, GMAT will surely look like an uphill task for you.

Whatever be the task or test, if you have the willpower and the determination to overcome it, then no one can stop you from landing on your dream. Be confident and take up the GMAT challenge, excel in the exam and catapult your career to achieve your dreams.