Recognising the Significance of Online GRE Coaching

The Graduate Record Examination is your entryway to top business schools across the globe. Aspirants who want to pursue their career for Masters or Doctorate need to take the GRE General Test. It is created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to measure the quantitative ability, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills. For those who are planning to do MS, MEM or MFE, GRE is the qualifying test. The test consists of six sections with a time limit of 3 hours and 45 minutes. Between each section, a 10-minute break is provided. Achieva is one of the best online coaching centers for GRE striving to promote excellence.

A Brief on GRE Eligibility Criteria

There are not prescribed eligibility for those candidates who sit for GRE test. Irrespective of age and qualifications, the candidates can register for the test. The candidates have to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the institutes they apply.

GRE Exam Pattern – An Analysis of the Sections

Verbal Reasoning

The revised GRE Exam pattern consists of Verbal Reasoning section totaling 40 Questions about 20 in each section. The time allotted is 30 minutes for each section. In this section, text completion, reading comprehension, and sentence equivalence are tested. It is important to have a good vocabulary to clear this test. Certain Reading Comprehension questions will have multiple correct options, while others will require you to select a line from a passage. Some will be fill in the blank question types with multiple blanks, and you need to identify the right answer. The sentence equivalence question also needs you to identify the right answer choice. Achieva has earned the reputation of being the best GRE coaching center in the country.

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning is the revised GRE section with a total of 40 questions of 20 in each section. It has to be completed in 35 minutes. To the regular numeric comparison questions, new questions are also added. Multiple choice questions with more than one right answer, numeric entry questions without answer choice and on basic screen calculators.

Analytical Writing

Analytical writing ability comes with one topic for the essay. The time to write the essay is 30 minutes. The essay is rated out of 6. The section measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills and the articulate ability of the candidate. The GRE classes train the students in analytical writing making it easier for the candidate to clear the paper.

GRE Syllabus – Latest Updates and Reviews

The GRE test syllabus is divided into two; a General Test and Subject Test. The syllabus for GRE General Test is to measure the verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills, critical thinking and quantitative analysis of the candidate. The Subject test helps to analyze the experts of the candidate in the field of Literature, Mathematics, Biology and other disciplines. The General test score is on a scale of 130-170 while Subject Test score is on a scale of 200-290. Achieva is the best coaching institute for GRE, and the exam patterns are regularly updated.

The Value of GRE Mock Test in Achieva

Unless a candidate takes the mock test, he/she will not know if they are thoroughly prepared for the main GRE test. At Achieva, the best institute for GRE Preparation, we have taken effort and time to accumulate test papers to give the student sufficient practice. Not including the mock test in the study plan is a recipe for disaster.