Comprehensive Information On GRE Test

Graduate Record Exam or GRE is an admission test to gain entry into graduate school. It is similar to CAT or SAT, but in GRE you will have to face extensive critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning skills. The test is conducted by the Educational Testing Services (ETS). The test is of international status. These are developed over the course of time, and some grad schools may want you to take more than one GRE Subject tests.

Taking a GRE test is the smartest way to secure your future by getting admission into the top graduate schools. The tests are never ending, if lady luck was not smiling on you, take a retest. You can send the scores you want the school to see. What makes the test versatile is that questions can be skipped in a section. The answers can be changed after attempting, and you can choose whichever question you want to answer first in a section.

GRE Test Features

  • Verbal Reasoning checks the ability of candidates to analyse and appraise the written material. It measures how information is synthesised from the material and analysing the relationships in the parts of a sentence, words and concepts. The section includes sentence completion, antonyms, analogies and reading comprehension. Answer 30 questions in 30 minutes on the computer version and two sections of 30 minutes length comprising of 38 questions each in the paper version.
  • Analytical writing requires you first to read the paragraph and come with an appropriate topic supported by your views with an example. Word processing software is provided for those taking computer based test and for the offline test, this section is handwritten, so bring in sharpened pencils.
  • The second essay question is read and analyse. The essay has to be completed in 30 minutes. Reason your argument and discuss whether it is good or bad. Just analyse and convey your opinion in writing. This is not a computer based section like the others.
  • Quantitative section is based on high school mathematics. Go through arithmetic, geometry, algebra and data analysis. The section tests your ability to reason quantitatively. Answer 28 questions in 45 minutes on the computer or take two 30 minute segments of 30 questions each in the paper version.


There are no age restrictions or specific qualifications required to appear for GRE. However, the candidate has to fulfil the admission criteria of the institute they select.

Test Pattern

GRE Test is available as computer based and paper based formats. The total duration is 3 hours and 40 minutes consisting of six sections and 10-minute interval after the third section.


The test is divided into General test and Subject test. The former tests the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking while the latter is focused on specific fields chosen by the candidate.

Dress well but be Comfortable

Make yourself comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable clothes based on the weather conditions. Testing centers can be chill; it is advised to bring long sleeved clothes just to be prepared.

Get the Directions Clear

Write down the exam center address along with the directions or put the address on your Smartphone and map the directions. If you have the time, visit the center before hand to avoid any confusion at the last minute. You can be better prepared to reach the center on time, get parking for your vehicle and even have some time to relax before you take your exam.

Keep your Documents Ready

Keep a photo ID, either your driver’s license or passport

Email Correspondence

Keep the confirmation email handy to be on the safer side.

Go with a Positive Mindset

On the day of the exam, come with a calm mind and positive attitude. Know what to expect and it makes you less nervous. Give your 100% and you are sure to succeed.