Great Ways To Crack GRE

Graduate Record Exams, commonly known as GRE is one of the most respected and preferred exams worldwide. It’s a standard test that is used as a common platform for getting entry into most of the Graduate Programs in the United States of America. The basic aim of the GRE test is to gauge the calibre of the student with respect to Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Critical Thinking.

First Step

The first step to getting into a GRE course is to decide when you want to start applying for the Graduate programme. If you are looking to join the Graduate School in Fall, then you will have to take the GRE Exam by October or November in the previous year. Most of the students who are looking for a scholarship prefer to apply for the classes starting in Fall rather than those starting in Summer.

Second Step

Once you have decided when to take the GRE test, the next step is to that you need to understand the test formats and the structure for the test. As mentioned above, the main segments are verbal reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning.

Methods for Preparation

Preparing for the GRE test requires a lot of dedication and hard work. There is no one route to succeeding in this test. Each student has a different comfort level when it comes to preparing for these graduate exams. You need to decide which of these options would be suitable for you.

  • Self Study
  • Preparation Course with Direct Tutors
  • Online preparation Course
  • Private Coaching

The time that you have in hand will be a key factor in determining the method that you can choose for GRE preparation. Before you start preparing, it is advisable to take up practice tests so that you can ascertain your weak areas. This will also help you identify areas that you may have to concentrate.

Actual Preparation

The actual preparation is what counts the most when it comes to your performance in the main GRE. You need plan your days properly and work towards achieving your daily goals.

Here are some great ways for you to crack the GRE test.

Managing Time

The main aspect when it comes to any exam is the management of time. You should be able to finish the given tasks within the time that is given and too accurately. Even though the revised GRE format allows you to go back and review the questions that you have already answered within a section, you should be able to manage the time in such a way that you can answer all the questions in each section and also have time to review them at least once.

Test Strategy

The GRE test is designed in such a way that you will get the tougher questions that carry higher points only when you answer the initial questions correctly. To get to this, you need to follow a test strategy and be able to eliminate the wrong answers and close in on the right ones quickly. The practice tests are the only way in which you can be able to formulate the right test strategy for you.

Physical & Mental Preparedness

A GRE Test not just measures the competitiveness in terms of the marks scored on the day of the exam, it also tests the state of your body and mind. You need to give equal importance to eating healthy foods, doing enough exercise and not to forget the right amount of sleep. Students taking the tests are often subjected to a lot of stress, so make sure that you continue your hobbies and other activities and not just restrict yourself to the GRE study materials. A positive attitude is what can take you a step further in the right direction.

Memorise the Structure

You need to be thorough about the structure and the time that you can spend for each section. The Verbal section comprises of two thirty minute sections that will test the student on the grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. The quantitative section comprises of two thirty five minute sections that will test the student’s ability on geometry, algebra as well as data analysis. The analytical writing section is one in which two timed essays have to be written; one will require you to give your opinion whereas, for the other one, you will have to evaluate an argument.

Practice Can Only Make Perfect

Mock tests are the secret to success when it comes to competitive exams. There are a lot of mock test options that are available most of which you can take from the convenience of your home. For the verbal section, try making flash cards, find the roots of the words or try to associate them with pictures. You may have to be thorough with over three thousand five hundred words in order to be able to master the verbal section in GRE. For the quantitative tests, you need to be trained to calculate quickly and be familiar with all the graphs and charts. The analytical writing section requires proper practice. You need to get feedback and start improving your style of writing.

Studying for GRE

Studying for the GRE is an extensive planning that has to be executed in the right way for you to succeed and get into a college that you desire. You need to make sure that you are giving importance to each of the points mentioned below so that you can make your GRE dream come true.

  • Setting a target GRE score is the first goal that you need to set for yourself. The score will be the deciding factor for entry into any of your most preferred list of colleges. So it has to be decided with care.
  • Making a plan to achieving the target is the next thing to do. Immaterial of the way of preparation that you choose, it is important that you find the right environment for a peaceful preparation.
  • Practicing the technique is the best way in which you can gauge your competence levels. The mock tests and other test drills will be of great help at this level.
  • Review your test results and make a note of particular areas in which you make repeated mistakes. Concentrate more on these areas and focus on improving your performance in the upcoming tests.
  • Vocabulary is an important thing when it comes to the GRE Test. Keep adding words to your flash cards as and when you come across something new and don't restrict them to only words that you read the study material.
  • Practicing with and without a calculator is important so that you can be sure of the places in which you can use one and be mentally quick when you do not have to use them.

Be it the online classes or the one-on-one sessions to make you prepare; ultimately it's the confidence that you show on the day of the exam that can either make or break your career with the GRE Exam. Prepare well and beat the competition in style and always remember ‘Practice makes you Perfect’.