Achieva has dedicated itself to providing the best faculty, materials and infrastructure for its students. With an added focus on introducing the concept of visual based learning, Achieva is miles ahead in the industry as it imparts crucial skills to its students. Achieva is a pioneer in the industry as it introduces special workshops for students about frequently asked questions and one on one doubt clearing sessions ensuring that they get the required attention from the faculty than wind up being just another face. The methodology of developing conceptual clarity is given its due importance at Achieva thanks to the esteemed faculty pool and the wealth of experience that goes into creating the perfect learning experience for students.


Familiarizing students with different patterns of questions for each topic is followed diligently at Achieva by holding regular mock tests. These tests are conducted on various topics at fixed times during the week to ensure that the students are clear about the concepts before moving on to the next topic. A detailed explanation is also provided after the test, with the faculty discussing different methods of solving each question, exposing them to all kinds of challenges that they might face on the day of exam. Mock tests also give students a chance to put their time management skills into good practice. As students get adept in attending mock tests, they will be ready to face the competitive exam of their choice with 0% fear and 100% confidence.


Achieva has created a strategic learning schedule that paces out the syllabus across different topics to avoid overwhelming students through too much of inputs. With vast industry experience, Achieva has been able to space out topics in such a way that difficult topics are interlaced with easier ones in order to keep things interesting thereby enabling students to give their best at all times. The result oriented learning strategies at Achieva help students come out with flying colours.


Achieva encourages its students to keep practising no matter the knowledge and intelligence on display. The 1000+ practice questions that are gone through in the classroom with the aid of the experienced faculty sets the base to prepare them for any question that comes their way during the competitive exams.