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Success is the result of perfection and at Achievaedu we groom students to reach the pinnacle of success through practice. Our students are exposed to top notch learning methodologies and take sample questions to help them hone their academic intelligence to get ready to face the entrance examination with confidence. Our online competitive exam preparation sites are in tune with the examination board and help students achieve excellence.

Our Top Competitive Exam Courses

We are a premium coaching centre preparing candidates for IIT JEE, Pre-Medical (NEET-UG/AIIMS), Foundation and JAM exams. Our institute is producing best results as we focus on strong foundation and concepts to achieve success. We provide an excellent platform to prepare students for competitive examinations. The combination of best academic and personal care helps our students meet their career goals.Once you have decided on the stream of education, we can help you track it through our time-tested methodologies clubbed by master technological assistance

Taking Online Competitive Exam Tests To A Whole New Level

Reach new heights in academics with Achieva by your side. Go ahead and settle in your career to the awe of your peer group. Achieva offers high standards in the online study for competitive exams and marks the students with foolproof training helping them reap the fruits of success. With Achieva by your side supported by highly qualified, seasoned and easily approachable faulty, you can crack your competitive exams of your choice and realise your career dreams.Our journey begins with baby steps to identify the hurdles in their academic path and put them at ease to seamlessly transit into top educational institutions in the country.

Coaching Classes For Competitive Exams – Inspiring Indian Minds

Over a period of time Achieva has mastered the art of training students for the 3 majors of competitive exams in India, namely NEET, IIT JEE and JAM, and has achieved success in their endeavor. Thanks to our differentiators, we can show marked improvement in our ranks over the years.
  • Interactive workshops help students better their concepts.
  • Personalised learning environments for competitive exam training gives students individual faculty attention.
  • Tests are scheduled at regular intervals to help students prepare on each module with dedication and proceed to the next level with confidence
  • Our personalised mentoring system has helped students come out with their doubts and get it clarified on time without carrying over to the next session. This gives our students an edge over their peer groups.
  • We track the progress of our students through regular tests, quick corrections, scores and feedback to help them understand their mistakes and work towards getting a perfect score.
  • We add balanced flavours of theory and practical coaching to help students understand their concepts clearly and aim towards academic success.
  • We believe in the smart management of time on the D-day and prepare students for it.
  • We guide students at every level and assist them to overcome their shortcomings.
  • Our Special Board Preparation Classes gives confidence to the students to face exams without any apprehension.
  • We are well equipped with modern learning facilities, scientifically designed course material and online test papers to capture all flavours of difficulty levels.

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