About Us


Achieva – The Chief Sculptor is in Town! The latest name in coaching for competitive examinations is here to stay! The yearly held five top competitive examinations in India are attempted by millions of student from across the country in a bid to get into colleges and disciplines of their choice. Starting April 2017, there is a new player in town, ready to coach students to attain their lifelong dreams. Achieva is dedicated to changing how students analyse and understand different concepts with its enhanced visual-based approach for easy grasping.


With the first classroom coming up in Nungambakkam, Achieva is all set to leave a mark on students as they strive hard to crack competitive exams in their struggle to prove their worth in life. We believe that every student is unique and provide personalized attention, to help them master topics that are a little harder than the others. The faculty at Achieva have been handpicked from around the country to give our students an edge over their peer group. The wholesome learning experience at Achieva has made writing competitive exams stress-free as students vie with one another to get into an institute of their choice.


With its numerous advantages and introduction to visual based learning, Achieva has raised the bar in the online competitive exam training. The carefully planned mock tests are sure to get students thinking about the fundamental concepts that is learned in the classrooms. Achieva provides students with a platform to prove themselves as they compete with one another to achieve their dreams. Cracking exams like IIT-JEE, NEET & IIT JAM with a top score has turned into an easy play for the students at Achieva as we analyse each question carefully before arriving at the right solution well within the stipulated time frame.


Achieva helps build the confidence of students as they compete in examinations attempted by millions of students all over the country. With the unique workshops held by the faculty at Achieva, every student will feel confident of their stand on each topic and will be able to sail smoothly through the exams without a hitch. The journey to a top class institution in the field of their choice is made possible with the specially designed learning modules from Achieva.


An enterprise of Ram Charan group, Achieva was established with the motivation of helping students realize their dreams.

Empowering the students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace at Achieva. As the CEO of Achieva School of Professional Studies, I am privileged to be a part of the education scenario today. Understanding the competitive environment, we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal growth and career fulfillment of students aspiring to study professional courses in the best-ranked institutes.

Needless to say, the endeavor to nurture and even further enrich the quality of education will be our constant feature. As for the rest, there will always be changes. Undoubtedly, for the better.

With a keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path, giving assistance and aid to students for attaining meritorious heights. We work closely to serve students in fulfilling their academic dreams with our professional guidance. We look forward to answering your queries and ensure effective assistance for achieving your dreams.

Wishing you the very best

Pinky Kohli

Chief Executive Officer